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SaaS solution that helps companies maximize customer lifetime value by growing their recurring aftermarket revenue.

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Interaction design, visual design, and frontend development following the Roadmap Completion method.


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Entytle Insyghts is the first enterprise SaaS application dedicated to managing and growing installed base revenue. Purpose-built for the B2B manufacturing vertical, Entytle Insyghts is used by some of the largest and most successful manufacturing companies in the world to drive top-line growth.

We help the Entytle team with our design capabilities and frontend development expertise in the implementation of the new version of the Entytle Insyghts product. Entytle has recently brought its total funding to $8 million with a Series A round to keep growing as a market leader.

Commite came up to speed with our complex application needs and the manufacturing domain incredibly quickly. They brought a modern, professional aesthetic to our application that our users have absolutely loved. The team was extremely responsive given our changing needs, and were able to turn around wireframes and high-fidelity designs and interactions very very quickly. I can confidently say, our application wouldn't have been half-as-successful, had it not been for Commite.

Mandar Parikh VP Product Management


David McCandless said in his book 'Knowledge is beautiful' that the true understanding of any fact or project is key to being able to perceive the connections that surround it and to express its full potential. That's what we tried to put into practice when Mandar Parikh first explained to us Entytle, a complex product with which they were analyzing thousands of data associated with sales of large industries. The ultimate goal was to offer its customers a tool in which these data could be transformed into useful information that would tell the merchants exactly when and to whom they should offer subsequent services or products associated with those sales.

A powerful data visualization and predictive sales tool, capable of integrating with Salesforce, which began to take shape in 2014 in the face of the mix of disbelief and frustration of Entytle's own promoters because they did not find in the global market anything more sophisticated than a data base to try to manage the entire aftermarket of a large industry.

Our connection with the project was through Andrés Moreno, who was part of the Commite team years ago. At that time he was at the headquarters of Entytle in Palo Alto thanks to a grant and when he heard that they needed an interface and user experience design studio he referred us. Our portfolio of previous projects working remotely with Silicon Valley startups and a relaxed conversation with the VP of the product did the rest.

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We knew we were facing a complicated product, but as usual in these cases, we also knew the process would be interesting and that we would learn along the way. And so it was. We spent a lot of time initially understanding the project as a whole. We analyzed the product exhaustively, putting all the information in common with its product managers to improve each component of the user interface since we were solely focused on the design layer.

A few months passed and our relationship was so fluid that they also wanted us to participate as technical support in the development of the application. Today we have responsibility on both sides, with an increasing weight within their team. And the more tasks we are entrusted with, the more they trust us and the more responsibility they give us. For our part we do not hesitate to accept it, we are delighted to continue growing and learning with one of the most complex applications that we have ever faced.

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