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Transactional platform for college students to find and lease local rentals with 3D tours, digital signing, and online payment.

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Product management, interaction design, visual design, frontend development, and backend development following the Roadmap Completion method.


LoftSmart, Inc. · New York, NY


Mid 2016 - 2017


  • design
  • development
  • product
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LoftSmart is the most trustworthy, efficient way for college students to find and lease local rentals. Their mission is simple, to find a perfect place for every student using technology.

We invest with our design and development expertise to make the LoftSmart platform grow. After the AngelPad accelerator program, the product roadmap is full of challenging goals that we achieve collaborating immersively with their team.

We have had the pleasure of working with Héctor and the Commite team for about a year now. They are an incredible group of individuals with so much talent. Each team member contributes in their own way and Héctor ensures that the work that is produced meets the highest quality standards. Aside from their code being phenomenal, they are organized, communicative, and dedicated to the work they do. Whether you need a firm to help with a short-term dev project or a partner that can help you grow as an organization, Commite is the firm you want to work with.

Sundeep Kumar Co-Founder & COO


When Mario Tarabbia, our partner at Outwork, joined the AngelPad accelerator program in 2016, he met Sam Bernstein and Sundeep Kumar, two young entrepreneurs with an ambitious project but limited capabilities to meet their goals: create a transactional app to lease student rentals in 30 days.

Sam and Sundeep had already spent three of the four months of the AngelPad program, during which they were able to set up an exhaustive business plan and refine their prototype. However, not having an internal technical team jeopardized everything they had achieved up to that point.

With our work at Outwork as a reference, we had a first and quick conversation in which we decide to take over the challenging deadline and to join the LoftSmart team as their design and development team.

What came later were days of intense work to achieve all the challenges that they entrusted us, in which we design and developed the first version of the transactional platform.

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Since launching the first version of the application, we have evolved the product through numerous new milestones, including a major redesign applying the new branding of the company or the full implementation of the online leasing process.

Loftsmart is a very ambitious project that we are learning a lot from. It has recently brought its total funding to $5 million and it is entering a scalability phase that we are taking advantage of to analyze what possibilities for improvement there are and carry them out.

We've been working with Sam, Sundeep, and the entire Loftsmart team sprint to sprint and week after week for a whole year. We have moved from the frenetic pace to the daily work with weekly meetings in which we decide new functionalities that we are creating to grow the application progressively.

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