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SaaS solution that helps companies plan and optimize partnership processes with a single, collaborative platform.

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Product management, interaction design, visual design, frontend development, and backend development following the Rapid Iteration method.


Outwork, Inc. · San Francisco, CA


2016 - 2017


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Outwork is a platform to simplify and scale partnerships providing the necessary tools to streamline manual tasks and be strategic. The product is composed of both a SaaS tool and a Q&A network that create a perfect collaboration environment.

We have been actively investing in Outwork from early days with our product design vision. After the AngelPad accelerator program, we started collaborating intensively to make the platform grow as planned.

I've had the pleasure of working with Commite for about 18 months and we continue to work together in an ongoing format. They are professional, patient, and experienced. They truly invest in their projects and have gone above and beyond with me and my team to ensure success. They also have a very wide range of skills which allows them to be multi-functional in the areas where it really counts. I have no concerns with the team and would recommend Commite to anyone looking for these expertise.

Mario Tarabbia Founder & CEO


As businesses grow, indirect sales channels becomes a strategic investment that can open exponential growth for a sales organization. Additionally, API integrations with third parties present a new style of partnership. These new channels unlock revenue growth and market share that would be otherwise unreachable through a direct sales operation.

This is the vision of Outwork and is the opportunity Mario Tarabbia discovered as the Global Director of Business Development at OneLogin . Outwork provides a modern approach to managing partners, removes manual tasks and spreadsheets from the equation, and increases the top of the funnel leads for sales.

After engaging with Outwork, we quickly understood the need for a partner management tool that provided an efficient, modern approach to collaborating with third parties to increase sales. The task of partner management includes many moving parts that can be controlled and automated with software effectively.

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We set our goal to developing a SaaS collaboration platform for all participants in a partner network and indirect sales process. Outwork provides a unified platform for working with partners and supports both sides of the partner ecosystem with features for providers of products and services as well as their distribution and integration partners.

After six months of design and development of a quality solution, we launched the first tool to enable companies transform its third-party network into a real competitive advantage. How? By increasing the effectiveness of cooperation between partners, providing network discovery of new partners and ultimately, allowing business to operate much more effectively.

Mario Tarabbia’s dynamic mentality and business strategy paired with the technical expertise and creative design of Commite makes a perfect relationship. This synthesis has been key to the success and launch of Outwork. We are now focused on further developing the product and increasing acceptance of the product with customers and the community. The initial customers for Outwork are already seeing revenue growth and benefit in the indirect sales efforts!

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