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The social platform for discovering and hiring the professionals and businesses people recommend and trust.

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Interaction design, visual design, frontend development, and backend development following the Roadmap Completion method.


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2016 - 2017


  • design
  • development
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Recommended creates the needed connections to help businesses and professionals get discovered by new customers, and sell services online. Apart from the recommendation flow, Recommended also provides a customizable portfolio engine for professionals.

We have been part of the Recommended project from the early days. We perform a fluent daily work with their team collaborating in design and development tasks, as well as witnessing how this ambitious product continuously grows.

We have been working with Commite for a while and their team is amazing. They handle design, prototyping, implementation as well as infrastructure on deploying your idea/project to production. Super friendly and easy to work with. Very impressed by their coding quality and focus on building easy to test and extend codebase. Highly recommended!

Aaron Lee Co-Founder & CEO


Recommended is a side-project of another of our projects:, a call reception service that allows independent professionals to build better relationships with their customers. This startup was the one that served to Aaron Lee and Justin Maxwell, American entrepreneurs promoters of both ideas, to deepen in the sector and to consolidate a directory of independent professionals as the starting point to launch Recommended.

This product is a clear example of the lean startup method: tests and quick validations have allowed iterating progressively in search of the perfect tool. Initially, the platform focused mainly on the profiles of the professionals themselves, directing all the functionality and marketing towards them. However, Aaron and Justin came to the conclusion that this message was somewhat diffuse since what they really wanted to show was that a satisfied customer is willing to help her music teacher or gardener to promote them to be more successful.

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When we decided to invest in Recommended, we focused on start improving the platform that already existed and then perform development and design tasks collaborating with their technical team. We spent several weeks investigating what professionals and customers really needed and while validating different features until we got an attractive interaction layer. In a second stage, we have been improving the user experience focusing our energies to make easier to customers to leave their recommendations in the most intuitive way possible.

Currently, the product continues growing, connecting more and more professionals with potential customers thanks to a network of satisfied users. From our side, we continue helping to create new features such as allowing customers to directly hire services of recommended professionals through the application. In addition, we continue collaborating in the design layer, working on some user interface refinements and supporting their marketing campaigns. And of course, we continue sharing experiences and challenges with Aaron and Justin.

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