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A complete platform that enhances the customer experience in restaurants through technology and design.

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Product management, interaction design, visual design, frontend development, and backend development following the Progressive Deliverable method.


Trio Menu, Inc. · San Diego, CA


Mid 2016 - Mid 2017


  • design
  • development
  • product
  • Sketch · Illustrator · Invision Sketch logo Illustrator logo Invision logo
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  • Angular · Sass Angular logo Sass logo
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Trio Menu provides a complete set of digital menu services to restaurants for free while creating a new stream of revenue by incorporating advertising features. The platform also includes a dashboard for customizing the menu content and observe user behavior with a set of analytic tools.

We implemented the first version of Trio Menu creating a native tablet application and dashboards for both restaurant manager and advertiser. We took the initial requirements and applied our Progressive Deliverable method to create a delightful product that users love.

Having very little experience in the startup space, I felt out of place and intimidated by most of the major development firms. After speaking with Héctor at Commite Inc. everything changed. Not only did Commite understand my needs and my vision, they provided the knowledge and support to turn my idea into a reality. Our relationship from day one was extremely honest and transparent. It was truly a breath of fresh air to work with such motivated professionals. I cannot thank the entire Commite team enough for all their hard work and dedication to my project.

David Witek CEO


If you are either intolerant to some ingredients or you are following a particular diet, having lunch away from home can become such a tedious task. David Witek, an entrepreneur from San Diego, California, thought about making life a little easier for people who are in such situations. What if restaurants offer their menus with tablets and improve their customer experience through technology?

David dealt with different design studios until he ran into us in September last year. After several conversations in which he explained the foundation of his idea, we decide to accept the project with one condition: no deadlines. We knew the success of the project would be based on an iterative work, progressively increasing the product functionality.

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We needed to create a secure application allowing the restaurant users to have access of the immersive app menu features only. The app also required to function off line in the event of a network outage as to not disrupt the user or customer experience. Other features included a translation option for all menu items and lead generation for the advertising clients.

Furthermore, they were interested in offering restaurants an entire backend of analytical data in addition to the control panel from where they can publish dishes and drinks, upload photos and translate all the content.

Following these key features, we conceptualize the entire product. We spent several weeks researching and refining the user experience for customers and restaurant managers. We designed both the interaction layer in the tablet application and how to manage all the content in the control panel.

In addition to the initial features, we created a customizable theming system for the app and a reporting dashboard to help restaurant managers analyze the customer behavior. We consider this project as a successful case study on how to approach a big project using an iterative method for design and development tasks.

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